Commit a12a65c9 authored by Pierre Paleo's avatar Pierre Paleo
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Add unit test for sino normalization with array subtraction

parent 3b85c0c8
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ class TestSinoNormalization:
@pytest.mark.skipif(not(__has_pycuda__), reason="Need pycuda for sinogram normalization with cuda backend")
def test_dff_cuda(self):
def test_sino_normalization_cuda(self):
sino_proc = SinoNormalization(
kind="chebyshev", sinos_shape=self.sino.shape
......@@ -44,3 +44,23 @@ class TestSinoNormalization:
assert np.max(np.abs(res - ref)) < self.tol
def test_sino_array_subtraction(self):
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
SinoNormalization(kind="subtract_array", sinos_shape=self.sino.shape)
array_1D = np.arange(self.sino.shape[-1])
array_2D = np.arange(self.sino.size).reshape(self.sino.shape)
def compare_normalizations(normalization_arr):
sino_normalization = SinoNormalization(
kind="subtract_array", sinos_shape=self.sino.shape,
sino = self.sino.copy()
ref = self.sino - normalization_arr
assert np.allclose(sino, ref)
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