Commit a0cd20d2 authored by payno's avatar payno Committed by Pierre Paleo
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update call to tomo_n because about to change in tomoscan

parent 52f2fecf
Pipeline #47014 canceled with stage
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ class DatasetAnalyzer(object):
# Extraneous projections are assumed to be on the end
projs_indices = sorted(self.projections.keys())
used_radios_range = range(projs_indices[0], self.dataset_scanner.tomo_n)
used_radios_range = range(projs_indices[0], len(self.projections))
radios_not_used = []
for idx in self.projections.keys():
if idx not in used_radios_range:
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