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......@@ -98,10 +98,10 @@ API: [MunchDeringer](apidoc/nabu.preproc.rings) and [CudaMunchDeringer](apidoc/n
### Flats distortion correction
A flats distortion estimation/correction is available. If activated, each radio is correlated with its corresponding flat, in order to determine and correct the flat distortion.
This is currently quite slow (many correlations), and only supported by the "full radios pipeline"
Configuration file: `[preproc]`: `flat_distortion_params` and `flat_distortion_correction_enabled`
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ Although it is a general-purpose image processing utility, unsharp mask is often
Each radio is processed as `UnsharpedImage = (1 + coeff)*Image - coeff * ConvolvedImage` where `ConvolvedImage` is the result of a Gaussian blur applied on the image.
Configuration file: section `[phase]`: `unsharp_coeff = 1.` and `unsharp_sigma = 1.`
Configuration file: section `[phase]`: `unsharp_coeff = 1.`, `unsharp_sigma = 1.`, `unsharp_method = gaussian`.
Setting `coeff` to zero (default) disables unsharp masking.
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