Commit 7d9d43aa authored by Nicola Vigano's avatar Nicola Vigano
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Alignment: small restyling

Signed-off-by: Nicola Vigano's avatarNicola VIGANÒ <>
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......@@ -18,13 +18,15 @@ def bootstrap_base(request):
def bootstrap_cor(request):
cls = request.cls, cls.px = get_data_h5("tworadios.h5")
cls.abs_tol = 0.2, cls.px = get_data_h5("tworadios.h5")
def bootstrap_dtr(request):
cls = request.cls
cls.abs_tol = 1e-1
# loading alignxc edf files from Christian. The last one is the dark. The first 6 are images for translation 0,1...6
images = np.array([EdfFile(utilstest.getfile("alignxc%04d.edf" % i)).GetData(0, DataType="FloatValue") for i in range(7)])
......@@ -209,7 +211,7 @@ class TestDetectorTranslation(object):
(shifts_v, shifts_h),
assert np.all(np.isclose(self.expected_shifts_vh, [shifts_v, shifts_h], atol=0.1)), message
assert np.all(np.isclose(self.expected_shifts_vh, [shifts_v, shifts_h], atol=self.abs_tol)), message
message = "Computed shifts %s and found ones %s do not coincide" % (found_shifts_list, reference_shifts_list)
assert np.all(np.isclose(found_shifts_list, reference_shifts_list, 0.0001)), message
assert np.all(np.isclose(found_shifts_list, reference_shifts_list, atol=self.abs_tol)), message
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