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# Configuration file and processing options
This page descripbes how nabu ingests a configuration file.
A configuration file describes the steps to perform in the processing pipeline.
Nabu parses this configuration file and builds an internal "pipeline description".
To do so, two things are needed: the configuration file itself, and the dataset.
## Stage 1: parsing and syntax validation
In the first stage, the configuration file is parsed and syntactically checked (ex. key names, types of keys, etc).
On another hand, the dataset is generically browsed in order to extract metadata (images shape, number of images, etc).
These two steps are performed independently.
(config file) ----> [config parser | syntax validation] --> nabu_config
(dataset) ------> [dataset analyzer] ---> dataset_info
reduction on flats/darks
This produces two data structures:
- `dataset_info`: a class containing information on the dataset to process
- `nabu_config`: a dictionary reflecting the user configuration file. This structure is not modified as it should reflect the user input.
**For now, reduction on flats/darks** is done at this stage, it should probably be done afterwise.
## Stage 2: estimations
This stage performs various estimations like center of rotation, camera tilt, etc.
NB: This step has to be done before the final validation, because final checks need a numerical value.
(nabu_config, dataset_info) ---> [estimators] ---> (nabu_config, updated dataset_info)
CoR estimation
tilt estimation
## Stage 3: validation
In the third stage, the two data structures `dataset_info` and `nabu_config` are checked against eachother.
The purpose is to check that each pipeline step (defined by the configuration file) is compatible with the current dataset.
(nabu_config, dataset_info) ---> [validation] ---------> (nabu_config, updated dataset_info)
check that config file values
are consistent with the dataset
(ex. start_xyz/end_xyz, etc)
## Stage 4: build pipeline description
This produces an internal object ProcessConfig, made of the following data structures:
- `processing_steps`: a list of processing step names
- `processing_options`: a dictionary describing the options of each processing step. It is derived from `nabu_config`, with updated values (ex. from estimators)
A `ProcessConfig` instance can be directly fed into a `Pipeline` object. This means it can be saved for further reuse, avoiding to go through all the above steps. However it should be kept in mind that this internal representation might change, while the user-exposed configuration file is stable.
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