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# Change Log
## 2020.5.0
Major version (November 2020).
### Application
- Add cuda backend for histogram, also for the `nabu-histogram` command.
- Enable histogram computation for other output formats than HDF5 (ex. tiff)
- The files "nabu_processes.h5" and "nabu.log" are now named as a function of the dataset prefix. This prevents conflicts when several datasets are reconstruction simultaneously from the same folder.
- Add nabu-generate-info CLI tool, which generates a ".info" for pluggin ESRF legacy pipeline post-processing tools.
- Add a utility to exclude projections from being processed: `exclude_projections` in `[dataset]`
- Add new methods for finding the center of rotation
### Library
- Fix half-tomography sinograms when center of rotation is on the left
- Add misc.histogram_cuda: Cuda backend for partial volume histograms
- Add `preproc.alignment.TestCorWindowSlide` and `preproc.alignment.TestCorWindowGrow` for automatic CoR estimation
- Add `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationAdaptiveSearch`, `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationSlidingWindow` and `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationGrowingWindow` for automatic CoR estimation.
## 2020.4.2
This version brings new features and fixes.
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