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# Change Log
## 2021.1.0
### Application
- Add sinogram-based center of rotation estimation methods.
- Add projections rotation and detector tilt estimation.
- Add support from dumping processing steps into a file, and to resume a pipeline from a saved step.
- Add sinogram-based rings artefacts removal method
- Add CTF single-distance phase retrieval
- Add support for flats distortion estimation and correction
- Add EDF output data format
### Command-line interface tools
- Add `nabu-rotate` for performing a rotation of each projection in a dataset.
- Add `nabu-double-flatfield` to compute the double flatfield image from projections.
## Library
- `PaganinPhaseRetrieval` length parameters are now expressed in meters.
- Add `nabu.estimation` module
## 2020.5.0
Major version (November 2020).
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