Commit 4e02e54b authored by Pierre Paleo's avatar Pierre Paleo
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Rename variable

parent f48d8e46
......@@ -552,14 +552,14 @@ class ProcessConfig:
# TODO add more tests to compare configurations
if self.resume_from_step is None:
return None
# Get file dataset shape/start_z/end_z
cfg_h5_path = posixpath.join(
# Check dataset shape/start_z/end_z
rec_cfg_h5_path = posixpath.join(
self.dataset_infos.hdf5_entry or "entry",
dump_start_z = get_h5_value(process_file, posixpath.join(cfg_h5_path, "start_z"))
dump_end_z = get_h5_value(process_file, posixpath.join(cfg_h5_path, "end_z"))
dump_start_z = get_h5_value(process_file, posixpath.join(rec_cfg_h5_path, "start_z"))
start_z, end_z = self.nabu_config["reconstruction"]["start_z"], self.nabu_config["reconstruction"]["end_z"]
if not (dump_start_z <= start_z and end_z <= dump_end_z):
msg = "File %s was built with start_z=%d, end_z=%d but current configuration asks for start_z=%d, end_z=%d" % (process_file, dump_start_z, dump_end_z, start_z, end_z)
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