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NXFlatField: get same default entry as input dataset

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......@@ -240,13 +240,14 @@ class NXFlatField:
where each reduced_array is a numpy array.
entry: str, optional
HDF5 entry name.
HDF5 entry name. If not provided, the same entry as input dataset is taken.
process_name: str, optional
Process name. Default is "flat_field_images".
tmp_fallback: bool, optional
Whether to write to /tmp if writing fails. Default is True.
if entry is None:
entry = [x for x in self.data_url.data_path().split("/") if len(x) > 0][0]
results_file = self.results_file
if results_file is None and not(tmp_fallback):
raise ValueError("Please provide results_file and/or dont_write_results=False")
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