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......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ Major version (November 2020).
- Fix half-tomography sinograms when center of rotation is on the left
- Add misc.histogram_cuda: Cuda backend for partial volume histograms
- Add `preproc.alignment.TestCorWindowSlide` and `preproc.alignment.TestCorWindowGrow` for automatic CoR estimation
- Add `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationAdaptiveSearch`, `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationSlidingWindow` and `preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotationGrowingWindow` for automatic CoR estimation.
......@@ -162,12 +162,13 @@ Mind that jpeg2000 support currently has the following limitations:
Nabu provides a method to find the half-shift between two images. The center of axial vertical rotation is obtained when the fist image is a radiography at the rotation angle 0 and the second image is given by the radiography at the rotation angle 180 after flipping the image horizontally. The rotation axis position is the center of the image plus the found shift.
Configuration file: section `[reconstruction]`, key `rotation_axis_position`. Values can be:
- A number (known CoR)
- Empty: the CoR is set to the middle of the detector
- `centered` (or `auto`): this searches for a CoR around the center, but does not work for half-acquisition
- `global`: new method, should return a CoR in any setting.
- Empty (default): the CoR is set to the middle of the detector: `(detector_width - 1)/2.0`
- A number (known CoR)
- `centered`: a fast and simple auto-CoR method. It only works when the CoR is not far from the middle of the detector. It does not work for half-tomography.
- `global`: a slow but robust auto-CoR.
- `sliding-window`: semi-automatically find the CoR with a sliding window. You have to specify on which side the CoR is (left, center, right).
- `growing-window` : automatically find the CoR with a sliding-and-growing window. You can tune the option with the parameter 'cor_options'.
API: [CenterOfRotation](apidoc/nabu.preproc.alignment.rst#nabu.preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotation)
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Quick links:
Latest news:
* November 2020: `Version 2020.5.0 released <>`_
* October 2020: `Version 2020.4.0 released <>`_
* August 2020: `Version 2020.3.0 released <>`_
* June 2020: `Version 2020.2.0 released <>`_
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