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set default data type to np.float32

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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ except ImportError:
class AlignmentBase(object):
def __init__(self, horz_fft_width=False, verbose=False):
def __init__(self, horz_fft_width=False, verbose=False, data_type=np.float32):
Alignment basic functions.
......@@ -62,15 +62,16 @@ class AlignmentBase(object):
verbose: boolean, optional
When True it will produce verbose output, including plots.
self._init_parameters(horz_fft_width, verbose)
self._init_parameters(horz_fft_width, verbose, data_type)
def _init_parameters(self, horz_fft_width, verbose):
def _init_parameters(self, horz_fft_width, verbose, data_type):
self.truncate_horz_pow2 = horz_fft_width
if verbose and not __have_matplotlib__:
logging.getLogger(__name__).warning("Matplotlib not available. Plotting disabled, despite being activated by user")
verbose = False
self.verbose = verbose
self.data_type = data_type
def refine_max_position_2d(f_vals: np.ndarray, fy=None, fx=None):
......@@ -319,7 +320,7 @@ class AlignmentBase(object):
def _prepare_image(
img, invalid_val=1e-5, roi_yxhw=None, median_filt_shape=None, low_pass=None, high_pass=None,
img, invalid_val=1e-5, roi_yxhw=None, median_filt_shape=None, low_pass=None, high_pass=None, data_type=None
Prepare and returns a cropped and filtered image, or array of filtered images if the input is an array of images.
......@@ -343,7 +344,7 @@ class AlignmentBase(object):
The computed filter
img = np.squeeze(img) # Removes singleton dimensions, but does a shallow copy
img = np.ascontiguousarray(img)
img = np.ascontiguousarray(img, dtype=data_type)
if roi_yxhw is not None:
img = img[
......@@ -533,8 +534,8 @@ class CenterOfRotation(AlignmentBase):
img_shape = img_2.shape
roi_yxhw = self._determine_roi(img_shape, roi_yxhw)
img_1 = self._prepare_image(img_1, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape)
img_2 = self._prepare_image(img_2, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape)
img_1 = self._prepare_image(img_1, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape, data_type=self.data_type)
img_2 = self._prepare_image(img_2, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape, data_type=self.data_type)
cc = self._compute_correlation_fft(img_1, img_2, padding_mode, high_pass=high_pass, low_pass=low_pass)
......@@ -680,7 +681,9 @@ class DetectorTranslationAlongBeam(AlignmentBase):
img_shape = img_stack.shape[-2:]
roi_yxhw = self._determine_roi(img_shape, roi_yxhw)
img_stack = self._prepare_image(img_stack, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape)
img_stack = self._prepare_image(
img_stack, roi_yxhw=roi_yxhw, median_filt_shape=median_filt_shape, data_type=self.data_type
# do correlations
ccs = [
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