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Commit 393e0655 authored by Pierre Paleo's avatar Pierre Paleo

Compare current nabu_configuration with file dump nabu configuration

parent af15f694
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import os
import posixpath
from ..utils import copy_dict_items
from import NabuConfigParser, validate_nabu_config
from ..utils import copy_dict_items, compare_dicts
from import NabuConfigParser, validate_nabu_config, import_h5_to_dict
from import hdf5_entry_exists, get_h5_value
from .dataset_analyzer import analyze_dataset, DatasetAnalyzer
from .dataset_validator import NabuValidator
......@@ -569,6 +569,29 @@ class ProcessConfig:
return None
raise ValueError(msg)
# Check parameters other than reconstruction
filedump_nabu_config = import_h5_to_dict(
self.dataset_infos.hdf5_entry or "entry",
sections_to_ignore = ["reconstruction"]
for section in sections_to_ignore:
filedump_nabu_config[section] = self.nabu_config[section]
diff = compare_dicts(filedump_nabu_config, self.nabu_config)
if diff is not None:
msg = "Nabu configuration in file %s differ from the current one: %s" % (process_file, diff)
if not raise_on_error:
return None
raise ValueError(msg)
return (dump_start_z, dump_end_z)
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