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Integrate in fullfield pipeline

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......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ from .logger import LoggerOrPrint
from ..utils import check_supported
from import ChunkReader
from ..preproc.ccd import FlatField, Log
from ..preproc.phase import PaganinPhaseRetrieval
from ..preproc.double_flatfield import DoubleFlatField
from ..preproc.phase import PaganinPhaseRetrieval
from ..preproc.sinogram import SinoProcessing
from ..misc.unsharp import UnsharpMask
from ..resources.utils import is_hdf5_extension
......@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ class FullFieldPipeline:
FlatFieldClass = FlatField
DoubleFlatFieldClass = DoubleFlatField
PaganinPhaseRetrievalClass = PaganinPhaseRetrieval
UnsharpMaskClass = UnsharpMask
SinoProcessingClass = SinoProcessing
MLogClass = Log
DoubleFlatFieldClass = DoubleFlatField
FBPClass = None # For now we don't have a plain python/numpy backend for reconstruction
def __init__(self, process_config, sub_region, logger=None, extra_options=None):
from math import ceil
import numpy as np
from ..preproc.ccd_cuda import CudaFlatField, CudaLog
from ..preproc.double_flatfield_cuda import CudaDoubleFlatField
from ..preproc.phase_cuda import CudaPaganinPhaseRetrieval
from ..preproc.sinogram_cuda import CudaSinoProcessing
from ..preproc.sinogram import SinoProcessing
......@@ -19,6 +20,7 @@ class CudaFullFieldPipeline(FullFieldPipeline):
FlatFieldClass = CudaFlatField
DoubleFlatFieldClass = CudaDoubleFlatField
PaganinPhaseRetrievalClass = CudaPaganinPhaseRetrieval
UnsharpMask = CudaUnsharpMask
SinoProcessingClass = CudaSinoProcessing
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