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# Running the tests
Nabu comes with a handful of unit tests which can be executed either globally or individually.
## Running all the tests
Once Nabu is installed, the command
will run all the tests.
Some tests might be disabled because of missing runtime components. To show the reason why the tests are skipped you can run
nabu-test -rs
The `nabu-test` command inherits from the parameters of `pytest`. Therefore, you can pass any pytest option to this command, ex. `nabu-test -h` for help.
## Running specific tests
Nabu comes with several main modules: `preproc`, `reconstruction`, `cuda`, `opencl`, `misc`. Each module has its tests.
To run the tests related to `preproc`:
nabu-test preproc
To run the tests related to `reconstruction`:
nabu-test reconstruction
To run the tests related to "CCD corrections" in `preproc`:
nabu-test preproc.test_ccd_corr
To run the tests related to FBP in `reconstruction`:
nabu-test reconstruction.test_fbp
You can also combine multiple specific tests. The following example runs all the tests related to `reconstruction`, and the specific tests of Paganin phase retrieval in `preproc`:
nabu-test reconstruction preproc.test_paganin
## Running long tests
Some tests take more time than others, either because the computations intrinsically take more time, or because they need a big amount of data.
By default, these tests are not run (they are marked as skipped). To enable them, you need to pass the environment variable `NABU_LONG_TESTS=1`:
NABU_LONG_TESTS=1 nabu-test
Some tests might read data from a specific location instead of downloading it. You can provide this location with the environment variable `NABU_TESTDATA_DIR`:
NABU_TESTDATA_DIR=/tmp/nabu_testdir nabu-test
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