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Prepare write_results

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......@@ -227,12 +227,18 @@ class FlatFieldLoader:
See Nexus Format specification, NXtomo, "image_key".
lookup_files: list of DataUrl, optional
List of paths (DataUrl) to inspect to load existing "final" flats/darks.
If something is found one of these URL, the data will be loaded from there.
results_file: DataUrl, optional
File path where to write the results. By default nothing is saved.
Mind the difference with `lookup_files`: this parameter is for writing.
If the file already exists, its data will be overwritten !
logger: Logger object, optional
Logging object
self.data_url = data_url
self.image_keys = image_keys
self.lookup_files = lookup_files or []
self.results_file = results_file
self.logger = LoggerOrPrint(logger)
......@@ -333,6 +339,12 @@ class FlatFieldLoader:
return self.reduction_function(volume, axis=0)
def write_results(self, data):
if self.results_file is None:
writer = NXProcessWriter(self.results_file, entry=None, overwrite=True)
def get_final_images(self):
Main function of this class.
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