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# Change Log
# 2020.1.0: 2020/04/29
## 2020.2.0
This is a "preview release", preparing an important release foreseen for September 2020.
### Library features
- Vertical translations
- Double flat-field (radios-based rings artefacts removal)
- Support for half tomography
- `preproc.alignment` module
- Support for flat-field normalization with more than 2 flats
### Application
- Take configuration file `start_z` and `end_z` into account for `nabu` CLI
- Phase retrieval: `method = none` is now default (no phase retrieval by default)
- Add `overwrite_results`
- Add support for `rotation_axis_position = auto` (except for half-tomo)
### Internal
- Re-wrote internal processing pipeline with a much simpler design
- NXresults: config is now a H5 dataset. "image stack" default interpretation.
## 2020.1.0: 2020/04/29
This is the first official release of Nabu. Please see the [features overview](
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