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It will have to be updated again with the new auto-CoR class
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# Change Log
## 2020.4.0
This is a version adds a number of features.
### Application
- Automatic center of rotation estimation, working for both half-acquisition and regular scans
- Command line tool for splitting a NXTomo file by "z" series
- Volume histogram. Command line tool for merging histogram of multiple volumes.
- Enable to perform flat-field normalization with darks/flats from another dataset
- Sinogram normalization (baseline subtraction)
- Nabu does not need `tomwer_processes.h5` to get the "final" darks/refs anymore.
### Library
- Add `misc.histogram` for computing partial histograms and merging them
- Add `preproc.sinogram.SinoNormalization`
## 2020.3.0
This is a release for ESRF User Service Mode restart.
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