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......@@ -8,6 +8,14 @@ Pre-processing means steps done before reconstruction.
API : [nabu.preproc](apidoc/nabu.preproc)
### Center of Rotation
Nabu provides a method to find the half-shift between two images. The center of axial vertical rotation is obtained when the fist image is a radiography at the rotation angle 0 and the second image is iven by the radiography at the rotation angle 180 after flipping the left and right sides (vertical mirror implemented for example in numpy.fliplr). The rotation axis position is the center of the image plus the found shift.
Tutorial: [CenterOfRotation](Tutorials/hello_CenterOfRotation)
API: [CenterOfRotation](apidoc/nabu.preproc.alignment.rst#nabu.preproc.alignment.CenterOfRotation)
### Flat-field normalization
This is usually the first step done on the radios. Each radio is normalized by the incoming beam intensity and CCD dark current as `radio = (radio - dark)/(flat - dark)`.
......@@ -7,4 +7,5 @@ Tutorials and examples:
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