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Simpler manylinux/py39 tests

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......@@ -234,17 +234,8 @@ manylinux2014_test_cp38:
# Need OpenCL headers for now to build
- git clone --depth 1
- cp -r OpenCL-Headers/CL /usr/include/
# Install pyopencl build dependencies first
- pip install numpy pybind11
# Install pyopencl first to use a wheel from under Windows
- pip install --find-links --trusted-host --prefer-binary pyopencl
- pip install --pre --find-links artifacts/ --only-binary silx silx[full]
- python -c "import silx.test, sys; sys.exit(silx.test.run_tests());"
- pip uninstall -y PyQt5
- pip install PySide2
# No GUI, no pyopencl tests here
- pip install --pre --find-links artifacts/ --only-binary silx silx
- python -c "import silx.test, sys; sys.exit(silx.test.run_tests());"
allow_failure: true
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