Commit daffda7c authored by Sebastien Petitdemange's avatar Sebastien Petitdemange
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scan data: first proposition structure to hold saving parameters

parent fbbafa1d
......@@ -7,8 +7,10 @@
from bliss.common.event import *
from bliss.config.conductor import client
from bliss.config.settings import Struct, QueueSetting, HashObjSetting
from bliss.config.settings import Struct, QueueSetting, HashObjSetting, Parameters
from bliss.config.settings import _change_to_obj_marshalling
from bliss.common.continuous_scan import AcquisitionDevice,AcquisitionMaster
from bliss.session.session import get_default as _default_session
from .event import dispatcher
from .event import saferef
from treelib import Tree
......@@ -20,6 +22,7 @@ import datetime
import os
import numpy
import weakref
import string
DM = None
......@@ -531,3 +534,80 @@ class ScanRecorder(object):
except ReferenceError:
class ScanData(Parameters):
SLOTS = []
def __init__(self):
This class hold the saving structure for a session.
This class generate the *root path* of scans and the *parent* node use to publish data.
The *root path* is generate using *base path* argument as the first part and
use the *template* argument as the final part.
The *template* argument is basically a (python) string format use to generate the final part of the
i.e: a template like "{session}/{date}" will use the session and the date attribute
of this class.
attribute use in this template can also be a function with one argument (scan_data) which return a string.
i.e: date argument can point to this method
def get_date(scan_data):"%Y/%m/%d")
The *parent* node should be use as parameters for the ScanRecorder.
keys = dict()
Parameters.__init__(self,'%s:scan_data' % self.session,
default_values = {'base_path': '/tmp',
'template' : '{session}/'},
def __dir__(self) :
keys = Parameters.__dir__(self)
return keys + ['session','get']
def session(self):
""" This give the name of the default session or unnamed if not session is not defined """
session = _default_session()
return if session is not None else 'unnamed'
def get(self):
This method will compute all configurations needed for a new acquisition.
It will return a dictionary with:
root_path -- compute root path with *base_path* and *template* attribute
parent -- this DataNode should be used as a parent for new acquisition
template = self.template
formatter = string.Formatter()
cache_dict = self._proxy.get_all()
cache_dict['session'] = self.session
template_keys = [key[1] for key in formatter.parse(template)]
if 'session' in template_keys:
parent = None
parent = _get_or_create_node(self.session,"container")
for key in template_keys:
value = cache_dict.get(key)
if callable(value):
value = value(self) # call the function
cache_dict[key] = value
if value is not None:
parent = _get_or_create_node(value,"container",
sub_path = template.format(**cache_dict)
except KeyError,keyname:
raise RuntimeError("Missing %s attribute in ScanData" % keyname)
return {'root_path' : os.path.join(cache_dict.get('base_path'),sub_path),
'parent' : parent}
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