Commit 90cc6af3 authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro

pepu tests: replaced hard-to-understand mock patching with a much simpler derived class

parent 1ca69449
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ from unittest import mock
import pytest
import numpy as np
import gevent.queue
import functools
from bliss import global_map
from bliss.common import scans
......@@ -13,7 +14,7 @@ from bliss.scanning.scan import Scan
from bliss.scanning.chain import AcquisitionChain
from bliss.common.measurementgroup import MeasurementGroup
from bliss.controllers.pepu import PEPU as PepuClass
from bliss.controllers.pepu import PEPU
from bliss.controllers.pepu import ChannelIN, ChannelOUT, ChannelCALC, Signal
from bliss.scanning.acquisition.pepu import PepuAcquisitionSlave
......@@ -27,59 +28,42 @@ def pepu():
trigger = gevent.queue.Queue()
def idata(n):
nb_points = pepu.create_stream.call_args[1]["nb_points"]
def idata(n, create_stream_call_kwargs=None, pepu_counters=None):
nb_points = create_stream_call_kwargs["nb_points"]
assert n == nb_points
points = [[y + x / 10. for y in range(1, 15)] for x in range(n)]
points = [
[y + x / 10. for y in range(1, len(pepu_counters) + 1)] for x in range(n)
for point in points:
data = np.array(point)
data.dtype = [(, float) for counter in pepu.counters]
mode = pepu.create_stream.call_args[1]["trigger"]
data.dtype = [(, float) for counter in pepu_counters]
mode = create_stream_call_kwargs["trigger"]
if mode.clock == Signal.SOFT:
yield data
def assert_data(data, n):
for i, counter in enumerate(pepu.counters, 1):
expecting = [i + x / 10. for x in range(n)]
assert list(data[]) == expecting
with mock.patch("bliss.controllers.pepu.PEPU", autospec=True) as PEPU:
pepu = PEPU.return_value = "pepu1"
pepu.in_channels = OrderedDict(
[(i, ChannelIN(pepu, i)) for i in PepuClass.IN_CHANNELS]
pepu.out_channels = OrderedDict(
[(i, ChannelOUT(pepu, i)) for i in PepuClass.OUT_CHANNELS]
pepu.calc_channels = OrderedDict(
[(i, ChannelCALC(pepu, i)) for i in PepuClass.CALC_CHANNELS]
pepu.counters = PepuClass.counters.__get__(pepu, type(pepu))
pepu.create_chain_node = PepuClass.create_chain_node.__get__(pepu, type(pepu))
pepu.get_acquisition_object = PepuClass.get_acquisition_object.__get__(
pepu, type(pepu)
pepu.get_default_chain_parameters = PepuClass.get_default_chain_parameters.__get__(
pepu, type(pepu)
pepu._master_controller = None
# Add pepu1 to globals
global_map.register(pepu, parents_list=["controllers"])
stream = pepu.create_stream.return_value
stream.idata.side_effect = idata
pepu.software_trigger.side_effect = lambda: trigger.put(None)
pepu.assert_data = assert_data
pepu.get_current_parameters = lambda: None
yield pepu
class MockPepu(PEPU):
def raw_write_read(self, cmd):
return ""
def create_stream(self, *args, **kwargs):
stream = mock.MagicMock()
stream.idata.side_effect = functools.partial(
idata, create_stream_call_kwargs=kwargs, pepu_counters=self.counters
return stream
def assert_data(self, data, n):
for i, counter in enumerate(self.counters, 1):
expecting = [i + x / 10. for x in range(n)]
assert list(data[]) == expecting
def software_trigger(self):
pepu = MockPepu("pepu1", {"tcp": {"url": "nonexistent"}})
yield pepu
def test_pepu_soft_scan(session, pepu):
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