multiplexer: use now beacon for configuration and saved stats

parent 43760fb5
This diff is collapsed.
- class: multiplexer
name: mult1
- class: opiom
name: opiom1
serial: /dev/ttyS0
program: 220080208_164412_id22NI_opiom_2.8
opiom_prg_root: /users/blissadm/local/isg/opiom # default
- class: opiom
name: opiom2
serial: /dev/ttyS1
program: 20100122_143221_id11-laser-1.0.prg
- label: APD
comment: APD counter
board: opiom1
register: IM
shift: 0
mask: 0x3
APD1: 0
APD2: 1
APD3: 2
chained_value: 3
board: opiom2
register: IMA
shift: 2
mask: 0x3
APD4: 0
APD5: 1
APD6: 2
APD7: 3
- label: CR1
comment: Correlator chan. A
board: opiom1
register: IM
shift: 1
mask: 0x3
MON: 0
DET: 1
APD1: 2
APD2: 3
- label: ITRIG
comment: ITRIG MUSST
register: IM
shift: 1
mask: 0x7
sampy: 0
sampz: 1
samy: 2
samz: 3
cam1: 4
cam2: 5
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