Commit fc525dfa authored by Jose Tiago Macara Coutinho's avatar Jose Tiago Macara Coutinho Committed by blissadm_ID31@bibhelm
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SPEC config: icepap generation support different address types

In case of a linked axis, the address should be a non valid icepap axis
(ex: 9)
parent 76fa9724
......@@ -534,9 +534,9 @@ class Generator(object):
ctrl = Device(ltype='PSE_MAC_MOT', addr='icepap', num=0, conf=icepap)
self.__spec_setup_icepaps[icepap] = ctrl
addr = cfg.pop('address')
cfg.pop('user_tag', None) # remove user tag so that MOTPAR is not generated
module, chan = addr.split('/')
addr = str(cfg.pop('address'))
chan = addr.rsplit('/', 1)[-1]
addr = 'MAC_MOT:{0}/{1}'.format(ctrl.getCtrlIndex(), addr)
spec_motor = Motor(ctrl=addr, mne=name, name=name,
steps=cfg.pop('steps', 1),
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