Commit e704d2ad authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro
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test: fixed publishing key name

parent aa2fe36e
......@@ -131,16 +131,13 @@ def test_interrupted_scan(session, redis_data_conn, scan_tmpdir):
def test_scan_data_0d(session, redis_data_conn):
counter_name = "sim_ct_gauss"
simul_counter = getattr(setup_globals, counter_name)
simul_counter = getattr(setup_globals, "sim_ct_gauss")
s = scans.timescan(0.1, simul_counter, npoints=10, return_scan=True, save=False)
assert s == setup_globals.SCANS[-1]
# redis key is build from node name and counter name with _data suffix
# ":timer:<counter_name>:<counter_name>_data"
redis_key = s.node.db_name + f":timer:{counter_name}:{counter_name}_data"
redis_key = s.node.db_name + f":timer:{simul_counter.fullname}_data"
redis_data = list(map(float, redis_data_conn.lrange(redis_key, 0, -1)))
assert numpy.array_equal(redis_data,
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