Commit d48ddd3c authored by Jose Tiago Macara Coutinho's avatar Jose Tiago Macara Coutinho Committed by Jose Tiago Macara Coutinho
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shell: take save flag into account

parent a48d0578
......@@ -110,10 +110,13 @@ class ScanListener:
def __on_scan_new(self, scan_info):
scan_info = dict(scan_info)
self.term = term = Terminal(scan_info.get('stream'))
scan_info = dict(scan_info)
motors = scan_info['motors']
counters = scan_info['counters']
nb_points = scan_info['npoints']
if not scan_info['save']:
scan_info['root_path'] = '<no saving>'
col_labels = ['#']
real_motors = []
for motor in motors:
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