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Merge branch 'musst_enhancement' into 'master'

Musst enhancement

Added some feature:
 - possible to configure musst channels (counters,encoder) in configuration. 
 - get the program root path from the configuration.
 - don't reload the same program twice (use the Cache feature).
 - print an error message if the program failed to load.

please merge !226 first

See merge request !227
parents 46c710d6 ee7272ef
......@@ -11,17 +11,21 @@ import gevent
import numpy
class MusstAcquisitionDevice(AcquisitionDevice):
def __init__(self, musst_dev, program=None, store_list=None, vars=None):
def __init__(self, musst_dev,
store_list=None, vars=None,
AcquisitionDevice.__init__(self, musst_dev, "musst", "zerod", trigger_type=AcquisitionDevice.HARDWARE)
self.musst = musst_dev
self.program = program
self.program_template_replacement = program_template_replacement
self.vars = vars
self.channels.extend((AcquisitionChannel(name,numpy.uint32, (1,)) for name in store_list))
def prepare(self):
with file(self.program, "r") as prog:
if vars:
for var_name, value in self.vars.iteritems():
self.musst.putget("VAR %s %s" % (var_name,value))
......@@ -7,9 +7,11 @@
import numpy
import weakref
import os
from bliss.comm.gpib import Gpib
from bliss.comm import serial
from bliss.common.greenlet_utils import KillMask,protect_from_kill
from bliss.config.channels import Cache
Serial = serial.Serial
def _get_simple_property(command_name,
......@@ -27,8 +29,11 @@ def _simple_cmd(command_name,doc_sring):
class musst(object):
class channel(object):
def __init__(self,musst,channel_id) :
def __init__(self,musst,channel_id,
type = None,
switch = None,
switch_name = None) :
self._musst = weakref.ref(musst)
self._channel_id = channel_id
self._mode = None
......@@ -36,15 +41,42 @@ class musst(object):
"CNT" : self.COUNTER,
"SSI" : self.SSI,
"ADC" : self.ADC10}
"ADC10" : self.ADC10,
"ADC5" : self.ADC5,
if type is not None:
if isinstance(type,(str,unicode)):
MODE = type.upper()
mode = self._string2mode.get(MODE)
if mode is None:
raise RuntimeError('musst: mode (%s) is not known' % type)
self._mode = mode
self._mode = type
if switch is not None:
#check if has the good interface
if switch_name is None:
raise RuntimeError('musst: channel (%d) with external switch musst have a switch_name defined' % channel_id)
if not hasattr(switch,'switch'):
raise RuntimeError("musst: channel (%d), switch object doesn't have a switch method" % channel_id)
self._switch = weakref.proxy(switch)
self._switch_name = switch_name
self._switch = None
def value(self):
if self._switch is not None:
musst = self._musst()
string_value = musst.putget("?CH CH%d" % self._channel_id).split()[0]
return self._convert(string_value)
def value(self,val):
if self._switch is not None:
musst = self._musst()
musst.putget("CH CH%d %s" % (self._channel_id,val))
......@@ -54,6 +86,10 @@ class musst(object):
status_string = musst.putget("?CH CH%d" % self._channel_id).split()[1]
return musst._string2state.get(status_string)
def channel_id(self):
return self._channel_id
def run(self):
......@@ -79,7 +115,7 @@ class musst(object):
elif(self._mode == self.ADC5):
return int(string_value) * (5. / 0x7fffffff)
else: # not managed yet
return string_value
return int(string_value)
def _read_config(self) :
if self._mode is None:
......@@ -127,6 +163,13 @@ class musst(object):
gpib_pad -- primary address of the musst controller
gpib_timeout -- communication timeout, default is 1s
gpib_eos -- end of line termination
musst_prg_root -- default path for musst programs
channels: -- list of configured channels
in this dictionary we need to have:
label: -- the name alias for the channels
type: -- channel type (cnt,encoder,ssi,adc5,adc10 and switch)
channel: -- channel number
name: -- use to reference an external switch
""" = name
......@@ -137,13 +180,10 @@ class musst(object):
timeout = config_tree.get("gpib_timeout",5))
self._txterm = ''
self._rxterm = '\n'
self.putget("NAME %s" % name)
elif "serial_url" in config_tree:
self._cnx = Serial(config_tree["serial_url"])
self._txterm = '\r'
self._rxterm = '\r\n'
self._cnx.write('?NAME' + self._txterm)
raise ValueError, "Must specify gpib_url or serial_url"
......@@ -172,7 +212,41 @@ class musst(object):
"10MHZ" : self.F_10MHZ,
"50MHZ" : self.F_50MHZ
self.__last_file_load = Cache(self,'last_file_load')
self.__last_template_replacement = Cache(self,"last_template")
self.__prg_root = config_tree.get('musst_prg_root')
#Configured channels
self._channels = dict()
channels_list = config_tree.get('channels',list())
for channel_config in channels_list:
channel_number = channel_config.get('channel')
if channel_number is None:
raise RuntimeError("musst: channel in config must have a channel")
channel_type = channel_config.get('type')
if channel_type in ('cnt','encoder','ssi','adc5','adc10'):
channel_name = channel_config.get('label')
if channel_name is None:
raise RuntimeError("musst: channel in config must have a label")
self._channels[channel_name.upper()] = self.get_channel(channel_number,type=channel_type)
elif channel_type == 'switch':
ext_switch_name = channel_config.get('name')
if ext_switch_name is None:
raise RuntimeError("musst: channel (%s) with type switch must have a reference to an object name" % channel_number)
ext_switch = config_tree.get(ext_switch_name)
if not hasattr(ext_switch,'getSwitchList'):
raise RuntimeError("musst: channels (%s) switch object must have getSwitchList method" % channel_number)
for channel_name in ext_switch.getSwitchList():
self._channels[channel_name.upper()] = self.get_channel(channel_number,
raise RuntimeError("musst: channel type can only be of type (cnt,encoder,ssi,adc5,adc10,switch)")
def putget(self,msg,ack = False):
""" Raw connection to the Musst card.
......@@ -219,14 +293,32 @@ class musst(object):
return self.putget("#RUNCT")
def upload_file(self, fname, prg_root=None):
if prg_root:
oscil_program = open(os.path.join(prg_root, fname))
oscil_program = open(fname)
def upload_file(self, fname, prg_root=None,
template_replacement = {}):
""" Load a program into the musst device.
print "file to be uploaded", fname
fname -- the file-name
prg_root -- the base path where the program files are.
if prg_root is None use the one in configuration
template_replacement -- will be used to replace the key by the value
in the program file
prg_root = prg_root or self.__prg_root
if prg_root:
program_file = os.path.join(prg_root, fname)
program_file = fname
if(self.__last_file_load.value != program_file or
self.__last_template_replacement.value != str(template_replacement)):
with open(program_file) as program:
program_bytes =
for old,new in template_replacement.iteritems():
program_bytes = program_bytes.replace(old,new)
self.__last_file_load.value = program_file
self.__last_template_replacement.value = str(template_replacement)
def upload_program(self, program_data):
""" Upload a program.
......@@ -238,7 +330,8 @@ class musst(object):
for l in program_data.splitlines():
self._cnx.write("+%s%s" % (l, self._txterm))
if self.STATE != self.IDLE_STATE:
raise RuntimeError(self.STATE)
err = self.putget("?LIST ERR")
raise RuntimeError(err)
return True
# def get_data(self, nlines, npts, buf=0):
......@@ -364,8 +457,20 @@ class musst(object):
value = self.__frequency_conversion.get(value)
return self.putget("TMRCFG %s" % value)
def get_channel(self,channel_id):
def get_channel(self,channel_id,type = None,switch=None,
switch_name=None) :
if 0 < channel_id <= 6:
type = type,
switch = switch,
switch_name = switch_name)
raise RuntimeError("musst doesn't have channel id %d" % channel_id)
def get_channel_by_name(self,channel_name):
channel_name = channel_name.upper()
channel = self._channels.get(channel_name)
if channel is None:
raise RuntimeError("musst doesn't have channel (%s) in his config" % channel_name)
return channel
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