Commit 62e13b70 authored by Antonia Beteva's avatar Antonia Beteva
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Calculation bug fix (division by zero) if d1=d2

parent 9da5a158
......@@ -35,22 +35,27 @@ class tabsup(CalcController):
CalcController.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self.d1 = self.config.get("d1", float)
self.d2 = self.config.get("d2", float)
self.d2 = self.config.get("d2", float)
except KeyError:
self.d2 = self.d1
def calc_from_real(self, positions_dict):
tyf = positions_dict["front"]
tyb = positions_dict["back"]
d1 = self.d1
d2 = self.d2
return {"ttrans": (d1*tyb-d2*tyf)/(d1-d2),
"trot": math.atan((tyf-tyb)/(d2-d1)) }
# check if distances are identical
if abs(self.d1-self.d2) < 0.01:
dd = self.d1
dd = self.d1-self.d2
return {"ttrans": (self.d1*tyb-self.d2*tyf)/(dd),
"trot": math.atan((tyf-tyb)/(-dd))}
def calc_to_real(self, positions_dict):
ttrans = positions_dict["ttrans"]
trot = positions_dict["trot"]
d1 = self.d1
d2 = self.d2
return {"back": ttrans - d2*math.tan(trot),
"front": ttrans - d1*math.tan(trot) }
return {"back": ttrans - self.d2*math.tan(trot),
"front": ttrans - self.d1*math.tan(trot)}
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