Commit 3406473c authored by Sebastien Petitdemange's avatar Sebastien Petitdemange Committed by Emmanuel Papillon
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opiom: some fixes due to new communication config.

parent a53b6158
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ import struct
from warnings import warn
from bliss.comm.util import get_comm, get_comm_type, SERIAL, TCP
from bliss.comm import serial
from bliss.common.greenlet_utils import KillMask,protect_from_kill
......@@ -22,16 +23,18 @@ class Opiom:
comm_type = None
comm_type = get_comm_type(config_tree)
key = 'serial' if comm_type == SERIAL else 'tcp'
config_tree[key]['url'] # test if url is available
comm_config = config_tree
if "serial" in config_tree:
comm_type = SERIAL
comm_config = dict(tcp=dict(url=config_tree['serial']))
comm_config = dict(serial=dict(url=config_tree['serial']))
warn("'serial: <url>' is deprecated. " \
"Use 'serial: url: <url>' instead", DeprecationWarning)
elif "socket" in config_tree:
comm_type = TCP
comm_config = dict(serial=dict(url=config_tree['socket']))
comm_config = dict(tcp=dict(url=config_tree['socket']))
warn("'socket: <url>' is deprecated. " \
"Use 'tcp: url: <url>' instead", DeprecationWarning)
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