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# coding: utf-8
"""This is a simple demonstration library"""
__authors__ = ["Pierre Knobel", "Jerome Kieffer", "Pierre Palero",
"Henri Payno", "Armando Sole", "Valentin Valls",
"Thomas Vincent"]
__date__ = "17/11/2016"
__license__ = "MIT"
def sqrt(x):
"Return the square root of x"
return x**0.5
def polynom(a, b, c):
"""Compute the polygon of order two
:param a:a value of the polynom
:type a: float
:param b: b value of the polynom
:type b: float
:param c: c value of the polynom
:type c: float """
delta = pow2(b) - 4.0 * a * c
solutions = []
if delta > 0:
solutions.append((-b + sqrt(delta)) / (2.0 * a))
solutions.append((-b - sqrt(delta)) / (2.0 * a))
elif delta == 0:
return solutions
def pow2(x):
"""Return the square of x
:param x: input value
:type x: float"""
return x*x
def test():
"""Test the library"""
assert(pow2(2.0) == 4.0)
print("All OK")
if __name__ == '__main__':
print("Running unit tests")
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