Commit 13090e8e authored by test's avatar test Committed by Alessandro Mirone

correcte campling mode for texture in conic BP

parent aecf6f8c
......@@ -6822,7 +6822,10 @@ int gpu_main_conicity(Gpu_Context * self, float * SLICE, float *WORK_perp
CUDA_SAFE_CALL( cudaBindTextureToArray(texProjes,a_Proje_voidptr) );
texProjes.filterMode = cudaFilterModeLinear;
texProjes.addressMode[0] = cudaAddressModeClamp;
texProjes.addressMode[1] = cudaAddressModeClamp;
dim3 dimGrid ( nx , ny, nz );
dim3 dimBlock( pezzo_x, pezzo_y, pezzo_z );
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