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It is minified now

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......@@ -8,9 +8,10 @@ function ExperimentalReportController() {
ExperimentalReportController.prototype.normalizeProposalName = function (proposalName) {
var aroundHyphenRegExp;
try {
// extract the proposal LetterCode (before the hyphen) and the digits (after the hyphen)
var aroundHyphenRegExp = new RegExp(/^(.*)-(.*)/);
aroundHyphenRegExp = new RegExp(/^(.*)-(.*)/);
return {
categoryCode: aroundHyphenRegExp.exec(proposalName)[1],
categoryCounter: aroundHyphenRegExp.exec(proposalName)[2]
......@@ -18,7 +19,7 @@ ExperimentalReportController.prototype.normalizeProposalName = function (proposa
} catch (e) {
/** It is most likely that symbol '-' is not present in the proposal name then we use /\d+$/ */
var aroundHyphenRegExp = new RegExp( /\d+$/);
aroundHyphenRegExp = new RegExp( /\d+$/);
/** This will get all numbers at the end of the string
* Example: input=mx3030 then output[0]=3030
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