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Merge branch 'issue80' into 'master'


Closes #80

See merge request icat/doi-landing-page!101
parents 0acf900d a5024e32
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......@@ -80,6 +80,10 @@ DOIController.prototype.render = function (doi, data) {
// Create a table containing unique tuples [proposal, beamline, beamlineUrl]
doiData.mergedProposalBeamlines = jsonExtractor.getMergedProposalAndBeamline(proposalNames, beamlines, doiData.beamlineUrls);
// Set user specific canonical URL for this page.
_this.view.addCanonicalURLToHead('' + doiData.doi);
// send to dust render
......@@ -184,4 +184,15 @@ DOIView.prototype.addDOIMetadataToHead = function (data) {
.attr('type', 'application/ld+json')
* Add a link html element to specify the user-selected canonical URL for this page.
* @param {String} doiURL URL to the DOI
DOIView.prototype.addCanonicalURLToHead = function (doiURL) {
.attr('rel', 'canonical')
.attr('href', doiURL)
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