Commit d0c48713 authored by Samuel Debionne's avatar Samuel Debionne Committed by Alejandro Homs Puron
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[CORE] Add trigger_mode to acquisition_params

parent c361acdb
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ namespace lima
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(reset_level_enum, soft, hard)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(acq_state_enum, idle, preparing, prepared, running, stopping, resetting, fault, terminate)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(acq_mode_enum, normal, concat)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(trigger_mode_enum, internal, software, external, external_gate)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(trigger_mode_enum, software, external, gate)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(shutter_mode_enum, manual, auto_frame, auto_sequence)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(flip_enum, none, left_right, up_down)
BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM(auto_exposure_mode_enum, on, off)
......@@ -25,10 +25,9 @@ enum class acq_mode_enum : int
/// Trigger mode
enum class trigger_mode_enum : int
internal, //!< Internal trigger
software, //!< Software trigger
external, //!< External trigger
external_gate //!< External gate trigger
software, //!< Software trigger
external, //!< External trigger
gate //!< External gate trigger
/// Acquisition state
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ namespace hw
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(info, trigger_modes,
(desc, "trigger modes"),
(doc, "The supported trigger modes [internal, software, external, external_gate"))
(doc, "The supported trigger modes [software, external, external_gate"))
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(info, dimensions,
(desc, "detector dimensions"),
......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ namespace lima
namespace hw
BOOST_DESCRIBE_STRUCT(acquisition_params, (), (nb_frames, expo_time, latency_time, mode))
BOOST_DESCRIBE_STRUCT(acquisition_params, (),
(nb_frames, expo_time, latency_time, trigger_mode, nb_frames_per_trigger, acq_mode))
// clang-format off
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(acquisition_params, nb_frames,
......@@ -32,9 +33,17 @@ namespace hw
(desc, "latency time"),
(doc, "The latency time [\u03BCs]"))
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(acquisition_params, mode,
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(acquisition_params, trigger_mode,
(desc, "trigger mode"),
(doc, "The trigger mode [software, external, gate]"))
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(acquisition_params, nb_frames_per_trigger,
(desc, "nb frames per trigger"),
(doc, "The number of acquired frames per trigger when [software, external]"))
BOOST_ANNOTATE_MEMBER(acquisition_params, acq_mode,
(desc, "acquisition mode"),
(doc, "The acquistion mode [normal, concat]"))
(doc, "The acquisition mode [normal, concat]"))
// clang-format on
BOOST_DESCRIBE_STRUCT(image_params, (), (binning, roi, flip))
......@@ -17,10 +17,14 @@ namespace hw
struct acquisition_params
static constexpr int all_frames = -1;
int nb_frames = 1;
std::chrono::microseconds expo_time = 1ms;
std::chrono::microseconds latency_time = 0ms;
acq_mode_enum mode = acq_mode_enum::normal;
trigger_mode_enum trigger_mode = trigger_mode_enum::software;
int nb_frames_per_trigger = all_frames;
acq_mode_enum acq_mode = acq_mode_enum::normal;
/// HW image capabilities of the detector
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