Commit 1f3c3e80 authored by Samuel Debionne's avatar Samuel Debionne
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Merge branch 'remove-simulator-repeated-cmake-dependency' into 'develop'

Remove Simulator repeated CMake dependency

See merge request !127
parents 2ef380e7 1c50d2ab
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......@@ -103,5 +103,5 @@ add_custom_target(simulator_tango_cpp)
add_dependencies(simulator_tango_cpp lima2_simulator_ctrl)
foreach(proc IN LISTS _processings)
add_dependencies(simulator_tango_cpp lima2_simulator_${proc} lima2_simulator_${proc}_recv lima2_simulator_${proc}_recv)
add_dependencies(simulator_tango_cpp lima2_simulator_${proc} lima2_simulator_${proc}_recv)
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