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Added the ReleaseNotes

parent 980904b0
Stable branch core-1.5
core-1.5.6 2015-12-21
* New tags for submodules: frelon-1.5.0/andor-1.5.0/pilatus-1.5.0
* Include Simulator script
* Include COMPILE_MYTHEN3 into list of exported vars in config.inc_default
* frelon: Added Frelon native min_latency_time (Readout & Transfer) support
* control: Support dynamic min_latency_time with Accumulation in CtAcquisition
Bug Fixes
* control: Synchronize with ImageStatusCallbacks at the beginning of prepareAcq
* control: Added set/getPrepareTimeout methods (default 2 sec)
core-1.5.5 2015-12-11
* New tags for submodules: spec-1.4.7/andor3.1.5.1/tango-camera-andor3-1.5.1
* andor3: Compressed data (Mono12Packed) and IntTrigMult trigger mode
* tango python: andor3 updaded, no more destride attr
* spec: andor3 updaded, no more destride option
Bug Fixes
* image: fixed checkValid() missing #ifdef for TIFF, only 1 frame per file supported
* saving: Fixed a infinite loop in checkDirectoryAccess() when dir is an empty string
* image: fixed in reevalutation with _setHSRoi
* basler: external trigger fixes
* image: reevaluate software roi when binning change
core-1.5.4 2015-08-14
* New tags for submodules: Espia-1.5.1/maxipix-1.5.2/v4l2-1.5.3/ueye-1.5.0/tango-camera-andor3-1.5.0
Bug Fixes
* hdf5: revert install in Makefile
core.1.5.3 2015-08-12
* control: accumalation mode enhanced again
core-1.5.2 2015-07-27
* New tag for andor3 needs core-1.5 for using accumulation mode
* New tag for prosilica under core-1.5
* simulator: add IntTrigMulti capability
* Updated camera/prosilica
Bug Fixes
* control: fixed deadlock in unregisterImageStatusCallback
* video: fixing dead lock when stopping and changing expo time.
core-1.5.1 2015-06-19
* New tags: v4l2, basler, tango/camera/v4l2. basler-1.5.1/tango-camera-v4l2-1.5.1/v4l2-1.5.1
* Enhanced Accumulation and acc_mode with new mode for threshold and/or offset correction. Updated Spec and Tango for that purpose too.
* accumulation: extend accumulation algorithm to be able to ignore noise lower than a threshold
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