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......@@ -171,10 +171,13 @@ A good practice would be not to pollute the base environment and work in a dedic
Then install the build tools:
For linux
conda install cmake gxx_linux-64
For windows, just be sure you have visual studio 2017 x64 installed
You might need to leave the `Conda` environment and enter it again so that the environment variables (`CXX`) needed by CMake are set:
......@@ -206,10 +209,20 @@ Once you have your new repo ready, clone it and happy coding!
Once you are ready to build, here are the typical `CMake`_ commands for an out of source build (in the `build` folder) and for installing in the current Conda environment (``$CONDA_PREFIX``)
For linux:
cmake --build build --target install
cmake --build build --target install --config Release
For windows:
cmake --build build --target install --config Release
.. _Conda:
.. _Miniconda:
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