Commit 8eb2765d authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

New tags:

 * pilatus              1.3.1
 * balser               1.3.2
 * tango-common         1.3.1
 * tango-camera-pilatus 1.3.1
parent 113f9f0f
Subproject commit ff1507690123b9f07f890123aa1df491c2f4bba5
Subproject commit 5875dab236c11f798d936fafd2bad2f40576e963
Subproject commit d2736c518fdd798ec69a8093e436c6fe59c84c23
Subproject commit 8017a0b0eb8066fd01d09e142a44a911e65782f0
Subproject commit 5d010245e274780f61f357b10cf2d98705400909
Subproject commit 3771c85d52d142404a6b7008e7e85f9ede455593
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