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Official Release Core 1.7: Release Notes updated for 1.7.0/1.7.1/1.7.2

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......@@ -6,6 +6,65 @@ You can find information releated to new features and bug fixes. The notes are o
The notes are prefixed with a category name for core, subsystems image/saving/processlib/..., camera names andor/andor3/basler..., windows, applications tango python/tango c++/spec and third-party submodules sps/processlib/...
Stable branch core-1.7
core-1.7.2 2017-02-03
Bug Fixes
* video: Fixed an inconsistency for scientific (monochrome) camera between
getSupportedVideoMode() and getMode().
core-1.7.1 2017-01-06
* new tag 1.7.0 for cameras: andor/andor3/basler/dexela/espia/frelon/
Bug Fixes
* maxipix: maxipix-1.7.1, Fixed for setFillMode, 2 reconstructionTask objects
created one passed to HwInterface the other kept internally in Camera object
* basler: basler-1.7.2, fixed monochrome vs. color mode
* basler: basler.-1.7.1, fixed bug introduced in 1.7.0 for Roi increments
* saving cbf: fixed Makefile + bison parser generation
New patch version just for CBF compilation
core-1.7.0 2017-04-01
* Makefile: Improve Makefile library dependency definitions for parallel build
* tango: server with new saving statistics and with abort command
* basler: for color camera added yuv422packed video format
* saving header: add acquisiton and images parameters
* saving: added statistics.
We can now have saving, compression and incoming speed statistics
changing cbf,edf,fits,hdf5,nxs and tiff to manage statistics
* software operation: add possibility to force a copy for the first operation
internals operation are normally done in place but it's not always
safe with some type of memory.
i.e: You can not memove on a memory map, this cause a crash.
* saving: we can now write severals frames in parallel.
To control saving concurrency, you have to change the number of writing task
with method get/setMaxConcurrentWritingTask.
This commit contains also a small fix for write statistics:
As we recreate the container when changing saving type, thoses parameters
were not keeped.
We now set event callback in case of error when writing.
* saving cbf: compession optimisation with CBFMiniHeader format.
For now is only available for INT 32 images.
* control: added abort acquisition method
* basler: Pylon5 support and find proper pylon link flags
Bug Fixes
* video: fixed synchro to image when changing video mode.
- WARNING: only applied when live is started on already running
* saving cbf: fixed a bug in cbf header
* image: fixed roi when software operation is activated (rotation,flip...)
* image: fixed maximum roi
Stable branch core-1.6
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