Commit 26f32384 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron

* Ensured core-1.1 binary backward compatibility (with S. Petitdemange):

  + Moved SIP wrapping for std::map<int, std::string> from Core to Frelon
  + Reverted changes in Processlib Mask and BPM (SIP) task interfaces
  + Created core-1.1 branches in Processlib and Frelon submodules
* Fixed (forgotten) bug returning the same (static) RegStrMap instance to SIP
parent c7905ce3
frelon @ 3feb52f3
Subproject commit 30ba849544710eb076ae7b44b3157409d35b6829
Subproject commit 3feb52f3a7b367d0aeac6301b58a4be65d740713
......@@ -213,56 +213,6 @@ return aReturnListPt;
%MappedType std::map<int,std::string>
#include <map>
#include <string>
PyObject *key, *value;
if(sipIsErr == NULL)
bool aReturnFlag = PyDict_Check(sipPy);
pos = 0;
while(aReturnFlag && PyDict_Next(sipPy, &pos, &key, &value))
aReturnFlag = PyInt_Check(key) && PyString_Check(value);
return aReturnFlag;
*sipCppPtr = new std::map<int,std::string>();
pos = 0;
while(PyDict_Next(sipPy, &pos, &key, &value))
int anIndex = PyInt_AS_LONG(key);
char *s = PyString_AsString(value);
std::pair<int,std::string> item(anIndex,s);
return sipGetState(sipTransferObj);
PyObject* aReturnDictPt = PyDict_New();
std::map<int,std::string>::iterator mIter, mEnd = sipCpp->end();
for(mIter = sipCpp->begin(); mIter != mEnd; ++mIter)
PyObject *aKeyPt = PyInt_FromLong(mIter->first);
std::string *sPt = &mIter->second;
PyObject *aValuePt = PyString_FromStringAndSize(sPt->data(),sPt->length());
return aReturnDictPt;
%MappedType std::map<int,std::list<std::string>>
Processlib @ 9e260eba
Subproject commit 66b2e765b2844f3523a826aa37756dc99301455d
Subproject commit 9e260eba6f52bd0118eeed3f26733dcdf80e7b35
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