Commit 040556c7 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

Release 1.6.2

parent 02112b2a
......@@ -10,6 +10,15 @@ The notes are prefixed with a category name for core, subsystems image/saving/pr
Stable branch core-1.6
core-1.6.2 2016-09-29
* tango python: added support for edf.lz4
* basler: Merge pull request for new initialisation with serial number, user name or IP address.
* pixirad: documentation updated, final cleanup of the code.
Bug fixes
* image: fixed getRoi, returns now full frame roi if no roi was set.
core-1.6.1 2016-08-04
* maxipix: added initialization sequence in PriamSerial contructor in case of cold start.
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