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    * Removed CORE/ESPIA_VERSION dependency links from source tree: · 86a3f8d2
    Alejandro Homs Puron authored
      + addnewtags checks outdated dependency link (with git-archive)
        to detect Frelon/Maxipix updates with Espia not tested on new Core,
        LINK_STRICT_VERSION set (one level only) check type the (minor/release)
    * Fixed bug where prepareAcq resets Frelon::LatencyTime sent by serial line:
      + Added SIP wrapping for std::map<int, std::string>
      + Exported RegStrMap & SerialLine::splitMsg to Python
      + Added FrelonAcq.checkMonitoredSerialCmd, which detects setting of
        LatencyTime, ShutCloseTime and ShutEnable and updates CtAcquisition and
        CtShutter so they are not lost on next prepareAcq if apply policy is All
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