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    * Force shutter mode to ShutterAutoFrame in Frelon::Interface::reset · e3341deb
    Alejandro Homs Puron authored
    * Added Frelon::E2VCorrection for compensating columns 1023,1024
      (currently a factor 2 is applied for easier validation).
    * Created Frelon::Bin/RoiChangedCallback, used in E2VCorrectionUpdate to
      automatically set the hw parameters needed by the correction code.
    * Moved Frelon control code from FrelonTacoAcq to FrelonAcq.
    * Refactored LimaConvertor.h to simplify management of SIP ctrl objs.
      Macro 'domains' were defined to implement different interface classes:
      HwInterface (HW domain), Frelon::Interface (FRELON domain).
    * Implemented SIP Frelon::Interface::getHwCtrlObj
    * Fixed bug in CtControl::newFrameReady adding an empty TaskMgr to the
      process queue of the PoolThread.
    * Added CtImage::setFlip to SIP interface
    * Make Frelon::Camera::getInputChanModeName a static member function
    * Removed extra Copyright/License header from:
      LimaConvertor.h, global.inc and espia.inc
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