New features

  • HDF5 container:
    • new attributes "file_name" and "file_time" to keep track of the original file path and creation date.
    • adjust the image dataset size to the number of acquired frames
    • in manual saving, keep a contiguous frame dataset
    • avoid Tango dead-lock timeout due to lengthy memory allocations

Bug fixes

  • fix cmake find_package_handle_standard_args warning

  • fix conversion compiler warning when calling import_array macro.

  • HDF5 container:

    • Fix parallel saving:
      • Refactor SaveContainerHdf5::_File:
      • Add debug information when writing HDF5 Dataset chunk fails
      • Remove unused variables
      • Use AutoPtr for dynamically-allocated objects
      • Simplify initialization at _open
    • fixed bug with number of frames for last file.
    • adjust the image dataset to the real number of acquired frames
  • Fix bug in CtControl::unregisterImageStatusCallback and improve code:

    • Allow unregisterImageStatusCallback if acq is not Ready
      • Do not throw exception: it is called from cb destructor
      • Status can be AcqFault, which is perfectly legal to unregister
    • Cosmetics
    • ThreadUtils: remove obsolete declarations in ReadWriteLock