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      * Added Processlib Buffer::Callback and TaskMgr::EventCallback · b3781874
      Alejandro Homs Puron authored
        virtual destructors to avoid compiler warnings
      * Renamed SoftBufferCtrlMgr helper class to SoftBufferCtrlObj;
        created SoftBufferCtrlObj::Sync::BufferList type name.
      * Updated SoftBufferCtrlObj usage in HwVideoCtrlObj, and in
        Simulator, Basler, Prosilica, PCO, Mythen and RoperScientific plugins
      * Removed unused Mythen and RoperScientific BufferCtrlObjs;
        using (good) Camera SoftBufferCtrlObj in Interface::reset
      * Added HwBufferCtrlObj::Callback virtual destructor;
        moved virtual HwBufferMgr/CtrlObj methods outside class declaration
      * Started generic Event interface for asynchronous notification, including:
        + basic info: layer, severity, domain, code and description
        + timestamps: absolute and relative to the last acq. start
        + simple structure based on one event callback and one generator
        + debug infrastructure support
        + new HwCap::Event and corresponding HwEventCtrlObj callback generator
        + basic CtEvent support: abort acq. on fatal or error events,
          user can either retrieve the events (C++) or register to event callbacks
        + current Event::Code is based on CtControl::ErrorCode/CameraErrorCode
      * Implemented DebProxy copy constructor, necessary for DEB_HWEVENT
      * Protect CtAcquisition against invalid nb. of stripe concat. frames
      * Allow Live acq. in stripe concat. mode; use default (16) nb. of buffers
      * Verify HwFrameCallback return code, given by control layer during
        preliminary frame processing, to abort Espia acquisition from callback
      * Added EventCallback support to Espia::Acq, notifing Espia callback errors,
        in particular buffer overrun conditions
      * Implemented Frelon EventCtrlObj, redirecting EventCallbacks from Espia::Acq
      * Using Frelon TimeUnit (Z) register to properly handle ShutterCloseTime and
        LatencyTime, which before were (mistakenly) assumed to be in Milliseconds
      * Verify Frelon model before issuing SPB2-specific commands (ConfigHD, HTD)
      * Using DEB_HEX() when displaying Frelon available modes (CMA)
      * Removed manual stopAcq when AcqFault is found in FrelonTacoAcq::getState
      * Set a valid nb_concat_frames when configuring a Live (endless)
        FrelonTacoAcq in StripeConcat mode
      * Updated Frelon, Maxipix & Focla DetInfoCtrlObj to support
        rectangular pixel sizes
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      * Using ctypes to call Taco.so dev_error_push and notify client about errors · 9a0267d5
      ahoms authored
      * Created TACO_SERVER_FUNCT decorator to push TACO error str on exceptions
      * Stop a Taco Frelon acq as soon as a Fault state is returned to the client
      * Fixed CtControl to properly report AcqReady after stopping an acq in
        AcqFault state (saving error) by introducing the m_started variable
      * Frelon DevStatus now also returns the CCD status byte (like in C++ server)
      * Implemented Frelon Firmware in Model to check for ModesAvail and TimeCalc
        features; verify that the requested input channel mode is valid for the CCD
      * When waiting for a Frelon status, for specifying a bit mask and a timeout;
        avoid endless wait if the camera has never send a status byte to the Espia
      * Added kin_win_size and improved kin_line_begin management in Frelon server
      * Silence "unused" warning in CtAcquisition::_hwRead()
      * Simplified RegEx match string management.
      git-svn-id: https://scm.blissgarden.org/svn/lima/trunk@324 45c4679d-1946-429d-baad-37912b19538b
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      * Fixed problem catching Exceptions in C++ called from Python · 6269928d
      ahoms authored
        by forcing RTLD_GLOBAL in sys.setdlopenflags
      * Created checksipexc.py script to patch SIP-generated C++
        files in order to handle Exception if not already done
        called from sip/configure.py on all SIP-generated files
      * Added stream-like operator << to Exception appending strings 
        to err_desc; added public methods to query Exception fields
      * Unified Exception throw and debug messages creation through
        DebExcProxy, used by the THROW_COM/HW/CTL_FATAL/ERROR macros,
        allowing Exceptions with dynamic error description;
        applied in core-hardware, espia and frelon code
      * Linking Frelon test programs with shared libraries
      * Created the Frelon::Model class managing all model-specific
        information (name, pixel size, ADC, ...)
      * Detect Frelon serial timeout when creating the Camera and
        suggest the verification of the camera power and connection
      git-svn-id: https://scm.blissgarden.org/svn/lima/trunk@308 45c4679d-1946-429d-baad-37912b19538b
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