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added support for basler pylon 2.3.3

new camera/basler submodule
parent e114aca4
......@@ -201,8 +201,8 @@ endif
ifneq ($(COMPILE_BASLER),0)
BASLER_LDFLAGS := -L. -L/opt/pylon/lib64
BASLER_LDLIBS := -lpylonbase
BASLER_LDFLAGS := -L. -L/opt/pylon/lib -L/opt/pylon/lib64
BASLER_LDLIBS := -lpylongigesupp
name := basler
basler-objs := ../camera/basler/src/Basler.o
basler @ 4f2dc868
Subproject commit 43ec1d49e5c4f27948836b6803cc5e13c1f7a42e
Subproject commit 4f2dc868198cb6c2eeb3cf70633022761a2b8f98
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