Commit 93f95115 authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron

Improve Eiger plugin: port to Eiger2 and improve reliability

parent b90a90d9
Subproject commit 91d21e0b8cc84f16de506b8a2b57d4c31f37b0f2
Subproject commit 4fe2d4fd8b48673e655e948ecdacccebd5e82f79
Subproject commit df09b4e4a373220c73414965f9a0b5a456b789de
Subproject commit 8c4ff6d47c893e66fc2c446fb47ab264c71656d5
Subproject commit bd88f47eec412817363ae33bf0473e88d705ecb9
Subproject commit b93b54a081125505748e023f7cced5d5aafb0d2a
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