Commit 8ab1e531 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

Merge branch 'port_espia_debian8-1.7' into 'core-1.7'

Port espia debian8 1.7

See merge request !29
parents 3fff9079 7e83dca2
Subproject commit 3006220926eeee96f855e8ebdd64d4e96046084a
Subproject commit bd905e1cec751e38b183b25188dfacc48ed004ff
Subproject commit 820cec6271f39803ba82e755b8b93eec3a356dec
Subproject commit 6ca94a75b4cb4e77a5678d8721e03d08b55bd4e5
Subproject commit 0cf4590aee261d66e7a4b8318557bc93eb4b1640
Subproject commit 96af0121cbe35e668aa3e9f54a041efd52c0e609
Subproject commit 54b9bda60cd7151af9753054bd0c2472a79a2679
Subproject commit 03c98f3a27389e3876ed599c202f4223b0a64981
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