Commit 699a9f3d authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

New tags: v4l2, basler, tango/camera/v4l2

parent 54cd7059
Subproject commit 3258a04fa3167a764c381fc6af3aa06b91e9adbc
Subproject commit e857f48ea0ec2a026a7f72c5dad6073a5732fcfa
Subproject commit 492e9742b7b3d0c2fb5b48fcbfc179a9459fee1d
Subproject commit a079e4612d5edede9106b886718cfc61341b9aba
Subproject commit 531170d68f5bbe652d024cad90ee0af241f49494
Subproject commit 044ea27f15c73853db9a0ec4b81871347678fa10
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