Commit 5d78adac authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron Committed by operator for beamline

Build Makefile: homogenise Hexitec compile/link variables

parent 2d33628e
......@@ -890,15 +890,14 @@ endif
ifneq ($(COMPILE_HEXITEC),0)
HEXITEC_LDFLAGS := $(LDFLAGS) -L/opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/CentOS-RHEL-7-x86_64/lib
HEXITEC_LDLIBS := $(LDLIBS) -lPvDevice -lPvStream -lPvBuffer -lPvGenICam -lPvBase -lPvSerial -lEbUtilsLib
HEXITEC_LDFLAGS := -L/opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/CentOS-RHEL-7-x86_64/lib
HEXITEC_LDLIBS := -lPvDevice -lPvStream -lPvBuffer -lPvGenICam -lPvBase -lPvSerial -lEbUtilsLib
hexitec-name := hexitec
hexitec-objs := ../camera/hexitec/src/Hexitec.o
hexitec-ver := ../camera/hexitec/VERSION
hexitec-flags := $(HEXITEC_LDFLAGS)
hexitec-deps := $(HEXITEC_LDLIBS)
hexitec-flags := $(LDFLAGS) $(HEXITEC_LDFLAGS)
hexitec-deps := $(LDLIBS) $(HEXITEC_LDLIBS)
$(call lib-full,$(hexitec-name),$(hexitec-ver)): $(hexitec-objs)
$(call compile-lib,$(hexitec-name),$(hexitec-ver),$(hexitec-flags),$(hexitec-deps),$@,$+)
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