Commit 3a9eb8a9 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre
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should never clear the user common header, ::clear() is called by CtControl::prepareAcq()

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...@@ -1746,9 +1746,7 @@ void CtSaving::clear() ...@@ -1746,9 +1746,7 @@ void CtSaving::clear()
if (m_frame_headers.size()) if (m_frame_headers.size())
DEB_WARNING() << DEB_VAR1(m_frame_headers.size()); DEB_WARNING() << DEB_VAR1(m_frame_headers.size());
m_frame_headers.clear(); m_frame_headers.clear();
if (m_common_header.size())
DEB_WARNING() << DEB_VAR1(m_common_header.size());
m_common_header.clear(); // @fix Should we clear common header???
if (m_frame_datas.size()) if (m_frame_datas.size())
DEB_WARNING() << DEB_VAR1(m_frame_datas.size()); DEB_WARNING() << DEB_VAR1(m_frame_datas.size());
m_frame_datas.clear(); m_frame_datas.clear();
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